Galaxy Fold Lite

Samsung is preparing a cheaper version of the Galaxy Fold? A new rumor suggests in any case that a Galaxy Fold Lite could be marketed next year at a price below the 1000 dollar mark.

Having received strong criticism for the Galaxy Fold’s exit price of more than $ 1900, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip with the aim of allowing more users to have access to its foldable smartphones. However, this effort does not yet seem sufficient to attract the greatest number. We have just learned through Sammobile that the South Korean giant plans to market a Galaxy Fold Lite in 2021.

A presentation alongside the Galaxy Note 20?

It seems that this less expensive variant of the Galaxy Fold can be unveiled on August 5. It could suddenly be announced at the same time as the Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy Fold 2, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. However, it should not be available immediately. For this, it will apparently take several months.

Side price, the terminal would be sold 1 million won or about 900 US dollars. Given this price, Samsung should sacrifice quite a few things. We then wonder if this Galaxy Fold Lite will be able to meet our requirements in terms of power and functionality. We should also not forget that reliability is a subject of great importance when we speak of a foldable smartphone, in particular, because of the fragility of the screen.

A Galaxy Fold 2 while waiting (possibly) for the Galaxy Fold Lite

Pending the possible release of this cheaper version of the Galaxy Fold, remember that the Galaxy Fold 2 is very real. Its main screen should show a diagonal of 7.7 inches for a resolution of 2213 x 1689 pixels, against 6.23 inches for the secondary screen. The internal display would also have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.


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