iPhone 12 Plus

Apple is reportedly intending to launch 4G versions of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Plus. They would be offered at $ 549 and $ 649 respectively.

Expected for the month of September, the iPhone 12 should be available this year in four versions. Observers thus expect to see an iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Plus, an iPhone 12 Pro, and an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Four models, therefore, to address a wider target.

According to the latest news, these four models were supposed to benefit from 5G support.

iPhone 12 Plus

An iPhone 12 and an iPhone 12 Plus 4G?

If this new standard is struggling to develop in the world, it is more and more widespread in Asia and North America. It, therefore, becomes difficult for Apple to ignore it.

According to this leaker, which has just launched on the market and whose comments are therefore to be taken at a distance, these two iPhones should also be offered at very competitive prices. The iPhone 12 4G could thus be negotiated around $ 549 and the iPhone 12 Plus 4G would be offered around $ 649. A difference of $ 100 with the 5G models since they could be marketed at $ 649 and $ 749 in the United States.

On paper, this rumor is rather selling. IPhones may be good products; their price makes them inaccessible to ordinary people.

A rumor to be taken with tweezers

Few people can indeed afford to spend $ 1,000 or even $ 1,300 on a smartphone, however advanced it may be. By offering its new range in four separate models, Apple should be able to reach a much broader target. And two even cheaper 4G models would have a good chance of being very successful on the market.

However, it is legitimate to wonder whether the company will actually be able to produce so many different models. The iPhone has always been a product apart. It generally sells very quickly, and in large quantities. Each year, Apple must, therefore, face a real challenge in terms of production, and even more now that the company has become used to decline its ranges in several different devices.

In addition, Apple already has an accessible model: the iPhone SE (2020). With an entry ticket set at $ 399 in the United States, it is already an affordable iPhone and one wonders if Apple really needs two other “low cost” phones to complete its range.



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