Apple: Current tensions between India and China worry the firm

    Apple phone

    India and China have had very tense relations lately. So much so that the first decided to ban the applications of the second, both WeChat as Weibo or TikTok , yet ultra-popular in the territory. This distrust comes from a deadly confrontation on the Himalayan border between India and China, a confrontation that has largely been condemned by the population. And while countries seek to prioritize dialogue following this fight that has left several dead, Apple is directly impacted. And for good reason: the iPhones are assembled in China by a subcontractor.

    Apple phone

    Customs is a problem

    These are two nuclear powers that have been fighting for several days: India and China. A collateral victim, Apple finds itself in difficulty. India has decided to block several shipments from China, with customs officials requesting specific permits. It is in particular Foxconn, an important Chinese subcontractor of the Cupertino firm, which is affected. As Reuters explains, more than 150 packages have been blocked in India. There are components of the iPhone.

    Obviously, the situation gradually gets better as the authorizations are provided to allow cargo to pass. But this administrative heaviness made the Cupertino firm fall behind when it’s iPhone 12 will soon be presented – with headphones and chargers absent, for the first time.

    The problem is that this slowdown would impact the global production of Apple smartphones. According to Reuters, the Cupertino Company is fighting to get things done as quickly as possible.

    On the side of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, India is invited to do its utmost to resolve this problem. China does not hesitate to speak of … discrimination against its companies.

    Beyond the delay caused by the current situation, it is the relations between India and China that have cause for concern for the world community.



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