Iphone SE 2020

Apple iPhone SE Review 2020

A person has to be out of their mind to say they don’t like using an iPhone anymore because they now own an android phone. There is not a single messaging application better than iMessage. That is a fact. We haven’t even gotten to the other awesome stuff an iPhone consists of that other modern phones try to imitate only to fail miserably. Well, not all of the stuff is awesome in the new iPhones and that’s why Apple has launched this compact device iPhone SE. Apple iPhone SE was a long time coming because if we remember the original philosophy of Apple, it was to make small powerful contraptions. But more recently, we have seen a shift in the longstanding paradigm pioneered of course by the great Steve Jobs, may his soul rest in peace. Thankfully, Apple has somehow managed to recover its senses and therefore create this beautiful device.

Surprise, surprise! Touch ID returns. So, the next time you want to unlock your phone just by holding your phone, you don’t have to bring your entire façade in front of the phone before unlocking it. Even more surprising is the phone’s single 12 MP camera that takes outstanding, no-nonsense photos. With other new phones, you often have those cumbersome camera settings that need a decent amount of learning time to take photos. Videos can be captured in 4K on the latest iOS 13 software. In short, it is the perfect iPhone in terms of power and design.

Compared to the previous iPhone SE model, it takes a 0.7” leap in size. So, it is not all that short. Apple has however shown promise this time to be true to their philosophy. In Tim Cook’s view though, he thinks the reason behind the popularity of iPhone SE is not the price. Instead, the engine of the phone is what makes the phone special and it is much faster than the fastest Android phones. Faster than the fastest Android phones. Wow! After these comments, Android phone manufacturers are certainly going to have sleepless nights in the next few months. The best part is that there is nothing to lose in getting your hands on this phone.

What is inside the iPhone SE box?

On unboxing the iPhone SE, you get the official wired Apple earbuds, a tiny charger, a charging cable and the iPhone SE. Honestly, the satisfaction of opening the box is unparalleled. That feeling of opening the most Apple-esque product is always special especially at times when the company is busy manufacturing behemoths.


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