iPhones to hackers

Apple attaches great importance to the security of its smartphones. However, cybersecurity researchers say the methods used by the Apple firm make it impossible to detect bugs and vulnerabilities in devices.

To remedy this problem, the American giant has therefore decided to provide less secure iPhones to hackers and cybersecurity researchers.

A more extensive program

According to Apple, this program ” provides an iPhone dedicated exclusively to security research, with unique code execution and containment policies .”

The firm indicates that cybersecurity researchers who have not been directly contacted by the latter can apply to the program. To have a chance to integrate it, however, applicants will need to have experience finding vulnerabilities not only on the iOS mobile operating system, but also on other popular systems like Android, Windows, and Linux.

Once selected, they will be able to benefit from the iPhone dedicated to hackers for a year. During this period, they will have to provide a detailed report on the vulnerabilities they find so that the company can find effective solutions. On the other hand, the Mountain View firm specifies that the dates for the repair process as well as the vulnerability disclosure schedule will be set by itself.

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Apple places great importance on the security of its devices

Apple said that the Security Research Device program is primarily intended to improve the security of its devices.

With the program, hackers and cybersecurity researchers will be able to better observe the behavior of IOS and its interactions with various software. In this way, they will be able not only to improve the security of the mobile operating system, but also to spot and protect users from malicious or unsavory applications.

The firm at the apple stresses, however, that the possibilities with these special iPhones will still be limited. Some cybersecurity researchers believe that this limitation will concern access to deep layers, including the software kernel, the kernel, or even the firmware.



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