Asus Rog Phone 2-II

Republic of Gamers is a brand known in the tech industry for combining powerful computing with the gamer vibe. In recent years, a lot of gaming has shifted toward the mobile platform. As a result, Asus has found it imperative to turn their attention to making mobile phone hardware that captures the essence of gaming we are used to experiencing on their latest towers and laptops. Asus ROG Phone II is the phone you should have if you are a ROG kind of person or even just a gamer who prefers an exhaustive mobile-gaming experience. Two things: It has got a really massive battery and a really massive memory. Plus, you get a 120 Hz refresh rate – if it was not obvious already after going through the phone specs.

Because the phone is dedicated to providing users the best gaming experience on a smartphone, the camera results, as good as they are even with a dual-camera at the back, still lack the quality you may get from other flagship phones. The same can be said for its front camera. If you are looking for sharper results from a camera on a phone, this is not the phone for you. More durability and power – ROG Phone II is your best bet. The fingerprint scanner is located under the display which seems to be a pretty popular trend these days. Although, there are still people who like the scanner on the side as it is comparatively faster at unlocking. 6000 mAh battery is a lot. Most of the phones we have seen in the market go as far as 5000 mAh. But this phone adds an extra 1000 units to the battery to let you focus on winning the next battle royale and worry less about running out of battery.

The screen is 6.59 inches in size. Some users would have serious criticisms for the size this phone went for. Ultimately, the ROG experience provides you the power. Just in case you want more power in your phone, you can order a variant with a 12 GB RAM and 1 TB local storage. That is right – 1 TB. So, considering all the things mentioned about the ROG Phone II, one may say it is still conquering the gaming phones’ market. Its style, its computing capacity – all of it is just gorgeous.

What is inside the Asus ROG Phone II box?

The packing looks like Asus has got a tower PC inside of it. On opening the Asus ROG Phone II box, you first see a user guide and a unique cover for the phone. Then, you pick up the phone and turn it on to the very definition of gaming on mobile. Below the phone are a 30W charger and a Type-C cable.


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