BlackBerry to launch 5G

BlackBerry has just announced news that may surprise a lot of people, especially on the side of the specialized press. The firm will indeed launch a new smartphone in 2021. Compatible with 5G, the latter will have the main feature of having a physical keyboard.

BlackBerry to launch 5G

The company then had good years before starting to sell its shares to its competitors. The arrival of Apple and the iPhone, but also of the first Android smartphones, has indeed caused it a lot of damage.

BlackBerry will launch a smartphone in 2021

RIM has of course tried everything to reverse the trend, without success. While the company held a 13% market share in 2009, it fell to 0.0% in 2016. As of that date, it had not sold more than 207,900 terminals. Faced with the situation, the firm decided to withdraw from the market in September of the same year, to focus exclusively on services to businesses, governments and administrations.

Four years later, the giant is, therefore, preparing to make its comeback on the market and launch a brand new smartphone.

The news is surprising, but BlackBerry has just announced that it intends to launch next year a brand new smartphone, developed in partnership with OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile. Better yet, the terminal in question will be launched during the first half of 2021 and it will be marketed in North America, of course, but also in Europe.

5G and a physical keyboard as a bonus

Few details have been given at the moment, but we do know that this brand new device will be 5G compatible and that it will also come with a full physical keyboard. However, we do not know the format of the phone. Before leaving the market, BlackBerry had indeed experimented a lot and some of you may still remember the surprising Passport.

However, this good news must be tempered. BlackBerry will not be personally responsible for the development of this new device. This part will, therefore, be entrusted to FIH Mobile. OnwardMobility, meanwhile, will take care of all the commercial strategy, BlackBerry focusing for its part on an advisory activity.



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