How to unlock alcatal phone without password

If you for some reason forgot the pattern to get access into your Alcatel phone, you need to know how to unlock Alcatel phone without password. It is not that complicated. All you have to do is run a certain combination of keys to enter the phone. You should first back up all the data on your phone. That includes all your contacts, all your photos and all your app data. Most of this data is found on your SD card, so backing up this data would not be too hard.

Now, all you have to do is turn off your phone using the power button on your Alcatel phone. Wait for 10 seconds. Then, press and hold down the volume-up button while also pressing the power button. A couple of seconds later, the phone will vibrate and launch the backdoor screen. On this screen, you will see around five options. One of these options will be Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Navigate toward this option by pressing the volume-down button. When you reach the option, select it via the power button.

A message will follow asking for your confirmation to wipe all the data on your phone. Select “Yes” and wait. This is where you will have to wait for a while because the system gets busy in washing your device clean of all the previous data. You should see the option to reboot the phone once the factory reset is complete. Press the power button again to confirm the reboot of the device. You will see the Alcatel welcome screen. From there, you may continue to set up your phone and a new password.

In case you have not turned on the automatic backup, all the data stored on your local store will be gone. So, make sure you have this option set at active mode always. Because then if you cannot enter your phone, you can always recover your data from the cloud storage. Local backups also work just as well. But the only problem with these backups is that if you lose access to physical storage, your data will be lost forever. With cloud storage, however, all your data remains indestructible. Although, security definitely lowers as a result of the data’s traveling from one server to another. Be that as it may, this is how you can unlock Alcatel phone without password.


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