Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Huawei has filed a new patent for a foldable clamshell smartphone. A concept that seems inspired by the Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola Razr 2019.

While the foldable terminal market is preparing to welcome new products with the upcoming launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and the Galaxy Fold 2, Huawei also visibly plans to strengthen its presence in this area. Remember that the manufacturer already has the Mate X range, but it is aimed more at a wealthy clientele because of its price.

Taking Samsung’s strategy as a benchmark, the Chinese giant may also seek to offer a cheaper folding terminal.

Precisely, a new patent filed by Huawei with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) suggests an intention to launch a product capable of competing with the range of less expensive foldable smartphones of the South Korean firm.

A flip phone that reminds of others

Indeed, this foldable phone that Huawei imagined seems to have been influenced by Motorola’s Razr line as well as the Galaxy Z Flip. Its form factor which is close to that of a flip phone should make it possible to overcome certain technical constraints imposed by the manufacture of the Huawei Mate X.

In other words, this concept promises to be easier to implement. It is therefore less expensive. Speaking of design, Huawei put a fairly large notch on the top of the screen. This houses what appears to be a front-facing camera. Gsmarena also mentions the presence of some biometric sensors at the same notch.

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A UTG glass?

The volume and power buttons are located on the right side. Note that the start key appears to have a red dot. The dorsal slope is characterized by the presence of a protruding photo module, which is located on the upper left corner. We can also see what appears to be a secondary screen.

While we don’t know anything about the technical setup of this folding clamshell smartphone from Huawei, it’s worth pointing out that it has a hinge in the middle. According to a recent rumor, the manufacturer could use a UTG glass to improve the reliability of the panel.

It remains to be seen whether the concept will ever materialize, because as you already know, filing a patent does not necessarily guarantee entry into production.


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