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The iPhone 12 will not be presented until September, but it will probably not be necessary to wait for the Keynote of the brand to know their selling price. A very prominent leaker indeed claims to have obtained them through one of his sources.

Four iPhone 12s to suit all budgets?

According to him, therefore, Apple would have four models of iPhone 12 in the works, and more specifically an iPhone 12, an iPhone 12 Max, an iPhone 12 Pro, and an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apart from their photo module, which is not mentioned by the leaker, the main difference between these four models would relate to their diagonal.

iphone 20

The iPhone 12 would be the smallest of the collection and it would not exceed 5.4 inches diagonally, for a footprint that should be close to that of the latest iPhone SE. The iPhone 12 Max would go a step further with a 6.1-inch display, a screen similar in size to that of the iPhone 12 Pro. Without the slightest surprise, the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be the largest of the bunch with a 6.7-inch diagonal.

Four models, therefore, to address a target a little wider than in previous years. This also involves a wide range of prices.

The iPhone 12 would be the cheapest and the basic version, equipped with 64 GB, would thus be offered at $ 699, against $ 749 for the 128 GB version and $ 849 for the 256 GB version. Please note, this price does not include any taxes and the terminal should, therefore, be offered at a slightly higher price in USA.

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Prices between $ 699 and $ 1,449?

The iPhone 12 Max would start at $ 799 for the 64GB version and its price would go up to $ 849 or $ 949 for the 128 and 256GB versions.

The iPhone 12 Pro would take a new step by being offered at $ 1,049 for its basic version. Good point, however, the latter will natively integrate 128 GB and the following models would therefore rise to 256 GB or 512 GB, for prices set at $ 1149 and $ 1349.

Finally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max would bring up the rear with a price of $ 1149 for the 128 GB version, $ 1249 for the 256 GB version and $ 1449 for the 512 GB version. More importantly, all these models would integrate a modem. 5G. If 4G versions are to really see the light of day on the first two models, then the latter should be offered between $ 50 and $ 100 cheaper.

Which would put the iPhone 12 at a floor price of $ 599 or $ 649.

In addition, these four models would be equipped with an OLED screen.



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