Master Unlock Code for Android

When it comes to remembering your passwords, there is always a chance you are going to suffer at it for a bunch of different reasons. For one, the phone becomes vulnerable to attacks when its passcode is not changed for a long period of time. So, it is understandable if you are one of those paranoid people who are updating their passwords every month. This practice of changing passwords frequently, however, puts you in a key position to forget your password. Thankfully, there is a master unlock code for android phone security that you can exploit to gain access to your phone again. You just have to follow these few steps carefully.

  • First, turn off your android phone by using the power button.
  • Then press and hold the volume up button.
  • Without easing your press off the volume up button, press the power button.
  • You will enter the backdoor interface.
  • Once you are in, you may press the up or down volume buttons to navigate the opened interface. The navigation buttons can vary depending on the phone build.
  • After familiarizing yourself with the backdoor, find the option that says DELETE ALL DATA. Again, the words for this option vary by the phone you are using.
  • On completing this step, all your data will be wiped off the device including the passcode before relaunching the phone.
  • You may relax now. Your phone is unlocked and ready to use again.

Of course, when you restart the phone, all of your data will be lost, that is if you have not backed up your data on a cloud storage service. If you are thinking of a way in without losing your data, you might need to first learn a lot of programming related to the latest phones. And that is going to take some time. Before you enter the backdoor, you can choose from a variety of backup programs to secure all your data safely on another media storage. Because once you reset your phone, only months of reconstruction of all the lost bits will allow you to recover your data.

Obviously, we would not have to suffer so much in the first place, if the backup is always kept on. So, the next time you are thinking about setting a really hard-to-remember passcode, first make sure the phone’s backup services are running, then repeat the passcode in your head at least a dozen times. Only after you have done both of these activities, you are free to set your desired passcode. If you want to change your passcode again and again, you should definitely do that keeping in mind the best practices for setting a password. Because keeping a device secure from malice is a big deal, but keeping the passcode in your head is an even bigger deal. That is your master unlock code for android phones. Happy unlocking!



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