Huawei secret codes and hacks

Huawei Secret Codes and Hacks

Huawei phones usually do not put you in a situation where you have to start operating on your phone like a mad...
How to unlock alcatal phone without password

How to Unlock Alcatel Phone without Password

If you for some reason forgot the pattern to get access into your Alcatel phone, you need to know how to unlock...
Master Unlock Code for Android

Master Unlock Code for Android – Recovering the Phone Made Easy

When it comes to remembering your passwords, there is always a chance you are going to suffer at it for a bunch...
iphone secret codes

iPhone Secret Codes For All iPhone Devices

You would think the software engineers working at Apple must be so good they won’t have any need of amateur shortcuts to...
Android secret codes

Android Secret Codes

Android Secret Codes We are all familiar with Android phones. Or, we think we are until a day comes...

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