OnePlus 8T

In a very short time, OnePlus will have established itself as a major manufacturer of the telephony market. To successfully stand up to giants like Apple, Samsung or Huawei, the Chinese firm has a simple strategy: forge a strong relationship with its fanbase. Thus, OnePlus smartphone users regularly exchange views with each other, but also with teams who are thinking about future models. Always excellent models, both high-end and mid-range, with the attractive OnePlus North . And today, it is an upcoming smartphone that is the victim of a big leak.

OnePlus 8T

A photo found in the OxygenOS 11 beta

OnePlus had a pretty good 2020 with several popular models. First, the OnePlus 8 range, the Pro version of which is among the best phones today. Then, with a convincing OnePlus Nord, sort of iPhone SE under Android and oriented mid-range. A model that will have seduced the press, as well as the users.

And it seems that OnePlus has in its boxes a fourth phone for the year 2020. It is in the beta of OxygenOS 11 that OxygenUpdater found an image with the mention ” oneplus-8t.webp “. A name that leaves little room for doubt: it seems that the image has escaped the attention of developers. Regarding the fourth OxygenOS beta, OxygenUpdater specifies that the image was not there in previous versions.

Design level, nothing surprising. There is a front panel similar to previous models in the OnePlus 8 range, but this time a flat screen. The borders have been (it seems) refined , to make it a little more borderless.

Unfortunately, no image of the rear of the OnePlus 8T. Difficult , therefore, to know how many sensors will be present.

That a “ T ” variation for the OnePlus 8 is on the program is not surprising. This is a habit at OnePlus that its fans are familiar with. There is also a chance that the Chinese firm will unveil a OnePlus 8T Pro, which should be the ultra- successful version of its range.


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