Galaxy Z Fold

Samsung UK has made a big mistake. The British division of the electronics giant has indeed mistakenly published the Galaxy Z Fold 2 page, revealing at the same time the price of its new folding smartphone. With, once is not custom, a good surprise to the key.

Posted yesterday late afternoon, the page in question was actually the terminal’s pre-reservation page. A page on which appeared some technical information, but also the selling price of the device.

Galaxy Z Fold

Assuming Samsung UK got the price right, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 should therefore be priced at £ 1,799 in UK territory.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 to be priced at £ 1,799 in the UK

How does this concern us? Well, the answer is simple. That price is £ 100 below what the first iteration of the folding smartphone was offered. The Galaxy Fold was indeed a little more expensive.

By extension, this means that the price of the terminal should also be revised down a little in the rest of Europe, and in France in particular. What seems to corroborate other rumors. Rumors that placed the European selling price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 around € 1,999.

This is undeniably good news, especially since the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will go a little further than the previous model. The format will not change, of course, and the terminal will still be able to switch from a smartphone mode to a tablet mode thanks to the two on-board screens.

The first will be placed on one of the sides of the phone and it will cover it entirely, Samsung has decided to erase the unsightly edges of the small screen of the previous model. The same goes for the interior screen, which will be devoid of a notch and which instead offers a punch.

A look reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 20

Better finished, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will also be more solid, the brand has learned from its past mistakes.

But it is not finished. The device will also be very similar to a Galaxy Note 20 and it will inherit the same photo module … and also the same color. On British soil, the terminal will indeed be offered in two colors: Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black. With a matt back for the first, that goes without saying.

In addition, and still, according to this page, Samsung will also offer access to YouTube Premium with its terminal in order to allow its future buyers to make the most of the multimedia content of the platform.


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