The Honor 30 will be well equipped with an IMX700 sensor of 50 million pixels


An image that gives us an overview of the Honor 30 back photo module has just been published on the Net. The opportunity to learn more about the photographic configuration of this next product from the Huawei subsidiary.

Indeed, a photo that was relayed by SONY confirms the presence of a Sony IMX700 50 megapixel sensor. We don’t know much yet about this photographic component from Sony, but it looks like it is the firm’s largest custom sensor.

In other words, we can expect the main camera as powerful as that of the Huawei P40.

A quadruple back photo module

In addition to the 50 million pixel camera, the Honor 30 will obviously have three additional photosensors on the back, including a periscope module.

We also note the presence of a double LED for the flash.

Besides, in addition to the IMX700 mention, the rectangular frame in which the back cameras are located includes the inscription “Octa PD”. The Honor 30 should then offer an autofocus system comparable to that of the Huawei P40. Thanks to this new rendering, we also know that this future smartphone of the digital brand belonging to Huawei should have a 3.5 mm jack. Having been left out at the time of the Honor 20, this audio port could suddenly make a comeback with the Honor 30.

A metal frame?

Like the Huawei flagships, the Honor 30 should have a metal frame. The presence of antenna lines on the upper frame seems to confirm this hypothesis. As for the physical buttons, in particular, that of adjusting the sound volume, they will be visibly installed on the right side of the phone.

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The Galaxy S20 will be entitled to a new update with a fix for the Autofocus


The new generation of smartphones from Samsung has been available for a few days. Recently, the South Korean firm launched a series of updates involving improvements to the camera of smartphones.

According to the site, the new update includes, among other things, the correction of problems encountered with the autofocus of the Galaxy S20 running on the Exynos 990 processor.

The update improves the smartphone photo app

First, note that the smartphone manufacturer had already deployed an update to correct the autofocus of the Galaxy S20 equipped with a Snapdragon 865 in early March. This time, the update concerns devices running Exynos 990.

The problem with the camera’s autofocus was more glaring on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. According to users, this one was much too slow. The new update fixes this problem. After deployment, the Galaxy S20 photo application should be upgraded to version And with this version, the autofocus should be much faster.

The update will bring improvements to the Galaxy S20 line, including the photosystems. Samsung will continue to provide continuous software updates to improve the overall device experience, “said the South Korean firm, interviewed by the American press.

Another update on the way

This update should soon be deployed on users’ smartphones. To check if it is already available, simply go to the “Settings” and the “Software update” of the device. Note that it is strongly recommended to connect it to a power source before starting the installation.

Another update should also be rolled out on the Galaxy S20. This should be offered in the coming weeks. It should correct four major bugs reported by users, including an overheating problem encountered during wireless charging and a problem with the management of battery life.

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Samsung launches new firmware update for Galaxy S20 users


Samsung is launching a new update for users of the Galaxy S20 series. The new firmware update improves the performance of the camera and fixes the autofocus issue. Unfortunately, Samsung did not publish an official changelog for the update, but it did switch the camera app to version

Since the launch of the Galaxy S20, users have been complaining about various software issues that have caused Samsung to roll firmware updates. The latest update seems to have fixed the autofocus issues reported by users on Reddit. The update also fixed the camera application freeze that plagued some Galaxy S20 users.

Currently, the update is rolled out to Exynos users, but Samsung is expected to roll out a larger rollout soon. Samsung will automatically start the updates, but you can go to the Update section under Settings to manually check for updates.

Overview of How Zoom Video Conferencing Cell Phones Work


Today it seems all of us have a cellular smartphone. Cellular telephones may finally send landlines the way of the dinosaur. As we rely on an increasing number of on our cellular phones, we need to do extra than simply talk — we need to send text messages, e-mail, surf the Internet. And condition video conferencing is an option — well, we’ll probably take it.

Imagine being on the telephone and being able to observe the other character’s facial expressions and body language. Sometimes just a smile or a disinterested look can communicate volumes. Video conferencing guarantees that ability and the feature is not a long way from mainstream grasp. It maximum likely becomes common as cellular cellphone businesses embrace 3G technology. 3G, which refers to the third generation of cellular technology, approach improved mobile telephone networks and greater superior features, together with video conferencing. Prior cellular phone generations — 1G and 2G — used analog and virtual technology, respectively.

People are not normally satisfied with just sound or simply image. It only took many years for sound to be added to movies, making “talkies” the norm. Oddly, however, the telephone didn’t observe suit. Though it is been around for over a century, video feeds connected up to sound are not widespread for the telephone

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Prize prevalent Zoom conveys video conferencing, online conferences and group messaging into one easy-to-use application.

Zoom is utilized by over 500,000 consumer businesses and is #1 in customer satisfaction.

It’s outstanding easy: deploy the unfastened Zoom app, click on “Host a Meeting” and invite as much as 100 people to join!


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Join any assembly and host unlimited 1:1 meetings for free. Free institution meetings are constrained to forty minutes.

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Instant announces standard M-Series Lens Mount: Extend your external lens familiarity to more gadgets


Instant has numerous external lenses available to improve your capability to seize innovative content. While the lenses can be used for years, you need a Moment case for each smartphone you upgrade to and there are not instances available for all telephones. The new widespread mount addresses this gap.

A couple of years ago I purchased my first Moment lens and were taking part in the capability to enhance my telephone photography with its high-quality quality lens options. One of the first cases I come to be shopping for when I get a new cellphone is some kind of Moment photograph case.

While the Moment instances are affordable, especially if you purchase them when a new telephone is first released if you are like me and switch telephones a lot this can be a costly endeavor. Instant now contracts the M-Series Lens Mount equipment that lets you allocate any M-Series lens to your phone or tablet. This is a fantastic option for those folks who like to use LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, or other phones or maybe an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Instant extensive lens and image case for Apple iPhone X: Enhance your creativity with a twist

We’ve visible prevalent lens mounting clips inside the past, however, they have been made from plastic that didn’t appear to attach as securely as I might have liked. The new Moment M-Series Lens Mount is made of an aluminum frame with a thumbscrew and smooth rubber contact points. I haven’t personally tried it yet, however, if it suits the fine of its instances and lenses then it has to be a good high-quality solution.

This new universal lens mount is compatible with devices below 10.75mm thick. It works with front-going through digicam telephones and can also be used with a laptop or tablet digital camera. The lens support is 61.75mm x 37.2mm x 29.5mm and weighs in at 28.8 grams.

Google’s Innovative Security program for high-risk operators now contains malware security


Google is expanding the characteristic set for its Innovative Protection Program, security presenting that helps shield Google Accounts of those at the chance for targeted attacks — like politicians, journalists, activists, commercial enterprise leaders, and others. The program already affords an increased stage of safety for those accounts by using limiting get admission to data, blocking fraudulent account get right of entry to, supporting the use of physical security keys and more. Nowadays, Google is an accumulation of fresh malware securities to the program, as well.

For starters, those joined within the Progressive Security Program could have Google Play Protect automatically permitted. This is Google’s built-in malware safety for Android that’s presently used to experiment and affirm one hundred billion apps according to today, Google notes. The system uses machine learning to mechanically scan users’ gadgets and apps to test for harmful conduct and capacity safety issues. Now, this could be enabled for Advanced Protection Program individuals and will no longer be able to be shut off.

The program will even now control operators’ capability to install apps from external the Play Store, in which apps are now scanned for malware before consent. Those from outside the shop can present a greater danger. Google will now save you the depressing burden of non-play Store apps on any gadgets registered in the Innovative Protection Program, with a few allowances. Users will be capable of setting up non-Play Store apps through different third-birthday party app shops that could have shipped on your device from the tool manufacturer. Others can be set up through the developer tool Android Debug Bridge. However, Google says non-Play Store apps that have already been hooked up won’t be removed and may remain updated.

Google released its Advanced Protection Program in fall 2017, as an opt-in choice for individuals who consider they’re an extended chance of on-line attacks. The program specializes in defending in opposition to phishing, locking down malicious apps, and avoiding hackers. The trade-off is reduced convenience as there are extra steps to take throughout authentication and extra obstacles on what can be done. But the result is a safer, and free, manner to increase the security of your account and tool.

The newly introduced protections will roll out steadily to bills enrolled inside the Advanced Protection Program on Android gadgets, to be later this year followed via new malware protections for Chrome, Google says. However, G Suite customers won’t get these new protections now — instead, they’re offered through endpoint management, which enables secure gadgets belonging to cell workforces.

Bringing greater people on-line and introducing Camera Go


There are greater than three. Five billion folks who use smartphones, however, that’s the handiest forty-five percent of the world’s population. We created Android (Go edition) to bring extra affordable, tremendous smartphones to humans around the world. Thanks to our associates who’ve made superior to 1,500 device models to be had in more than 100+ countries, there are now further than one hundred million active Android (Go edition) devices across the world. Here are a few updates on Go edition’s development and in which we’re going next.

Powering universal get right of entry to facts

In partnership with Mobile Price Online, the largest mobile cell provider, we brought more than 900,000 Android (Go edition) smartphones to human beings in Pakistan—53 percentage of whom had been women—through their “Life is Digital” campaign. This is especially critical because there’s a massive gender hole in mobile net utilization in Pakistan.

With the assist of the suite of Google apps designed for Go edition, people are connecting with new opportunities and making gains in their everyday lives. For example, Google Go has helped connect millions of human beings to facts with the aid of providing a light-weight search engine that works on risky connections. And with Lens in Google Go, people can fast translate, listen and search textual content they see in the real world the usage of their cellphone camera—supporting them understand words on street signs, medicinal drug labels, documents, and greater.

Across the Google apps designed for Android (Go edition), we’ve introduced several user privacy capabilities to guard the next billion humans coming online for the primary time. For example, a new mode within Google Go lets human beings search without their searches being saved to their account, and Gallery Go leverages on-tool gadget mastering to assist human beings to organize images without ever sending statistics to the cloud.

Bringing a beautiful, rapid digicam enjoy to affordable devices

Your telephone’s digicam gives you the power to capture reminiscences that you’ll want to percentage with the ones around you. But on many smartphones, digital camera apps are often slow or complicated to use, and your smartphone can quickly run out of the garage.

The new Camera Go app from Google allows you’re taking beautiful pictures without annoying about pace or garage. It has capabilities like Portrait Mode to give your photos an expert look by using focusing on your subject. It’s constructed for humans the usage of smartphones for the primary time, so it has a smooth and simple interface. And, most importantly, Camera Go tracks how many images and video storage space you have got left, after which it facilitates you resolve space so that you never omit a shot.

Apple covers free trials for its seasoned inventive apps


Apple announced today that they may be quickly extending the loose trials on Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X from 30 days to 90 days, giving potential clients caught at domestic an extended window of time to attempt out the software.

Apple said the organization optimisms the advancement will value creative Mac users, and specifically students, who determine themselves developing and studying in new environments.

Apple joins some of the other software program groups ranging from the free trials of their products during the COVID-19 crisis. Notably, Apple does not charge contribution pricing, so if you want to endure the use of the video or audio editing software collections, you’ll mount up the full purchase price.

Logic Pro X retails for $199.ninety nine and Final Cut Pro X is going for $299.ninety nine. Apple says that the prolonged trial already stays for Final Cut Pro X and will be privileged for the latest downloads, at the alike time as Logic Pro X should gain the extended trial within the coming days.