Galaxy Z Flip 5G

If the smartphone has not changed too much in recent years, if not larger formats, many manufacturers are focusing on what seems to be the standard of tomorrow: the foldable phone. Apple was already working on its model, according to a recently discovered patent; while Xiaomi has announced several times that it is working on prototypes. On the Huawei side, the Mate Xs have already been marketed while Samsung is two: the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. And today, the successor of the second city has been formalized by the Korean manufacturer, soberly called Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G

A little power boost for the Galaxy Z Flip
On the sidelines of the presentation of the Galaxy Note 20, of which the leaker Evan Blass has unveiled a video , Samsung has decided to go through a press release to lift the veil on its Galaxy Z Flip 5G . A foldable smartphone which, as its name suggests, is none other than a Galaxy Z Flip compatible with the future network. Note that this is a 5G below the 6 GHz bar – nothing to do with millimeter waves, much faster.
In terms of technical data, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G offers a little boost compared to the “traditional ” Galaxy Z Flip. Thus, the foldable smartphone is equipped with the SoC Snapdragon 865+, against a Snapdragon 855+ for its predecessor. A welcome upgrade for those who want to treat themselves to this Galaxy Z Flip 5G which still costs a small sum: $ 1,449.99 in the US, for release on August 7 . The price in France should be the same. Two colors are available, Mystic Gray and Mystic Bronze.

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The price of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G remains high , while many persistent rumors announced more affordable foldable models to come. It seems that the technology is still far from being democratized: few people are ready to put more than 2000 euros in a phone, however powerful it is (unless they have the purchasing power and are a fan).



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