LG Wing

The LG Wing, the smartphone with rotating screens.

LG is working on a smartphone with rotating screens. Known as LG Wing, the terminal has just appeared online through a video that is supposed to allow us to understand the usefulness of such a concept. As the start of the school year approaches, manufacturers are accelerating the development of their products in order to be able to take advantage of the purchasing boom generated by this time of year, but also by the end of year holidays. In the case of LG, the Korean firm is working on a smartphone called Wing. Admittedly, we have so far very little information about the latter, but thanks to a new leak, we now have an idea of ​​its design.

Better multitasking experience

According to our colleagues, the main advantage of this design is that it provides more flexibility as well as an improved multitasking experience. As shown in the video below, the secondary display allows the user to take calls or manage music playback, while the primary display shows the map as well as navigation data when in the car. .

The LG Wing that the video reveals to us would be an almost finalized prototype. This information is of great importance as it seems to confirm some rumors about the terminal’s release.

If we are to believe the latter, the manufacturer could launch its smartphone with rotating screens before the end of the year. In short, LG should not miss this launch window given the importance of the leeway it has.

A premium mid-range?

Despite its rather innovative display concept, the LG Wing is said to be a “premium” mid-range smartphone. The specifications accompanying the video also corroborate this hypothesis.

Indeed, the terminal would be powered by a processor from the Snapdragon 7xx series. Compatible with 5G, it would have a 64-megapixel camera. And given that no cutout is visible on the front side, the selfie camera may have been integrated into the main panel.


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