What if the Galaxy Fold 2 looked like this?

    Galaxy Fold 2

    Benjamin Geskin has posted a rendering presenting the Galaxy Fold 2, a rendering inspired by the latest leaks concerning it. The result is rather convincing and it should even appeal to all lovers of folding… or folding smartphones, it depends.

    However, the Korean firm would not intend to stop there and this new range should be accompanied by at least one new folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold 2.

    Galaxy Fold 2

    An airier and more refined Galaxy Fold 2

    Rumors have been rife since the start of the year and most of the usual sources agree that this new model will mark a break by offering a more airy and more slender design. Among the most common corridor noises, there is notably the question of an internal punched screen and a larger external screen.

    Benjamin Geskin, for his part, had the idea of ​​compiling all these rumors in a single report.

    And it must be admitted, the result does not lack interest. In general terms, the form factor remains unchanged. The Galaxy Fold 2 imagined by the designer thus has a glass case composed of two sides attached to one another by means of a reinforced hinge. And of course, a folding screen is inside a screen with almost non-existent borders.

    No more notches in sight!

    This is not the most interesting point, however. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the interior screen is also devoid of the notch and it embeds a simple punch placed on the right side.

    The exterior screen was also given a life-saving facelift. It is indeed much more imposing than that of the previous model and it thus stretches over the whole face of the telephone. Benjamin Geskin simply kept borders of two or three millimeters thick around the panel, a bit like what Samsung offers on the Galaxy Z Flip.

    So of course, this rendering is more of a concept than a leak, but it still gives us an overview of what the Galaxy Fold 2 could offer when it is released.



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